GMS Website

General Micro Systems in Rancho Cucamonga needed a robust website that represented their position as a thirty-year-leader in the custom military computing marketplace. They also needed their site to showcase the wide range of computing options they offer, so a full-featured product gallery capable of delivering the block-diagrams, specs sheets and detailed product photos a potential customer needed to get them excited about doing business with GMS was an absolute must.

In addition to the aforementioned company and product info, GMS also needed a way for their existing customers to connect with the company’s after-purchase-support teams for troubleshooting or repair services; this required a customer account login interface as well as several custom forms designed to feed into CSV databases so the respective department heads could mine the necessary information they needed to keep their departments running smoothly.

I worked with an amazing fellow designer, Ryan Steely, on the look and functionality of this website and it was decided early on that we would build the site on the Joomla CMS platform for full SEO support, minimal browser compatibility issues and efficient implementation of the fuctionality necessary to deliver the kind of website GMS was looking for. The entire project was a huge success and represented a giant leap forward for GMS’ online presence.