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Canon Metering Icons. Huh? Sildenafil citrate

It’s late, but I just wanna go on record, here, in saying how completely stupid poorly-thought-out I think Canon’s metering mode icons really are. For a company that designs such beautiful cameras, with rather intuitive menus and fingertip controls, this one glaring element of their camera design is so far beneath them, it’s stunning. I wouldn’t mind if it...

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Billy Martin in the Moment

Billy Martin in the Moment

I’m a bit of a drum geek. My love affair with the drums has been with me as long as I can remember, but it got serious in 1991 when I acquired my first set (a used set from mom & dad for my birthday). From there it’s been a wild journey of discovering just how much there is...

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Backlit Portrait Plavix uses

While in New Jersey recently to photograph a wedding, my girlfriend and I were at the location the day before to scout and check out the available light. As magic hour set in, I got this great shot of my girlfriend under a gazebo at the end of a jetty on the lake where the union was to take...

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