The camera you have with you…

I know. I know. The title of this post is true; the best camera is the camera you have with you, but the cam in my myTouch 3G is boring and on its own it just doesn’t produce images that make me wanna say anything other than, “Meh, looks like a picture taken with a cell phone.” I’d rather shoot with my Olympus XA2.

The other night my buddy Chris was showing me his new iPhone 4, upon which he’d loaded the Hipstamatic app. I’d seen something called Retro Camera for the Android OS a few months ago when I got my phone, but never installed it. Curiosity got the best of me and I installed Retro Camera that night. It gives me the choice of five different camera types, each with their own built in digital imperfections. Problem is, the resolution of these imperfections is crap. The sprocket holes, text, scratches and sloppy borders the app applies are all jagged and low-res, even when I select the “high resolution” option in the app’s settings. Perhaps the $2.99 version of the app doesn’t have this problem. I’ll probably never know. That said, there is one camera option called Fudge Can that does nothing to the edges of the picture; it just produces a vignetted contrasty image that’s 100 times more interesting than the stock camera in my phone. The images are reminiscent of what you get out of a Holga, which is plenty cool for me. So, I think I’ll leave the Retro Camera app set to Fudge Can and fire away.

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