Realtor Corporate Portrait

Trisha is a realtor in Los Angeles who needed her corporate portraits updated. We met in the lobby of her apartment building where the architecture was very nice, with plenty of plants and columns to create a mood befitting portraits of a realtor.

The afternoon sun was streaming in through a glass door over my right shoulder, so I put up a 42 inch shoot through umbrella to diffuse it, essentially making the sun my key light. Camera left, about eight feet behind Trisha, I set up a bare Sunpak 383 with a 1/4 CTO gel on it to mimic warm sunlight tracing a highlight down her right side. That’s it, the rest was up to Trisha.

I hear people say they don’t like using strobes in their photography because they think the light looks fake. This always strikes me as odd, especially if you know how to effectively use strobes to recreate lighting you find happening around you naturally. It can be a lifesaver. In order to make this shot work with available light, Trisha and I would have had to meet in the lobby of her building at the exact time the sun naturally streams through the window behind her to trace that highlight down her right side. Who knows if the sun even comes in through that window at any time during the day throughout the year; it’s likely a nearby building makes this an impossibility. With the addition of a small speedlight, used to recreate naturally-occurring light, I was able to create a portrait that looks like it was lit with available light.

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