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It’s not often I get to flex my photojournalism muscle, which is totally my own fault because I just don’t go out and track down hard news like a true image hunter would. That’s changing, though. A couple weekends ago, a friend and I headed into downtown L.A. so he could check out the Occupy Los Angeles scene that has encircled City Hall for the past couple weeks.

I made sure I had the necessary gear on me to come away with some decent images. I packed my trusty Canon T90, my Vivitar Series 1 28-90mm f/2.8-3.5 and my Canon 200mm f/2.8. Turns out, the 28-90mm was plenty of lens for moving around the tent city, so I never even mounted the 200mm on my camera that day. I shot all day with the T90 in Aperture Priority mode and its meter set to the Center-Weighted option. I tweaked my exposures by locking in on the shadows when the lighting was tricky, or using the exposure compensation option on the camera for situations where the light was really tricky. I tend to overexpose my print negative film by two thirds of a stop these days, which also helped give me some nicely exposed negs with plenty of information in the shadows when necessary.

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