Totally Knocked Out

For the past several months I’ve been working with two cool ladies, Sonia Koschoreck and Debby Crooks (in order of appearance), on a revolutionary new line of boxing handwraps designed to take the typical handwrap to the next level. They’ve recently gone public with early promotions of their product via social media and some focus grouping, so I feel comfortable throwing a few specifics regarding how things are progressing thus far.

First, a little backstory…

I met Sonia via my girlfriend, who commissioned her excellent personal training services earlier this year. Through conversations during their training, my GF mentioned that I’m a designer/photographer and the rest is history in the making. From the moment Sonia and Debby came to me with the rough outline of their idea, I was on board. Just from the little bit I saw of the countless hours of market research they’d done, I knew they were on to something very cool and unique, so it was just a matter of figuring out how I could help.

Turns out, they needed all my services: design, photography and web development.

First up was the developing their logo. They wanted something bold and modern, but capable of remaining relevant for a while, and they wanted something that could stand on its own as an icon. After several months of back and forth, we came up with something we are all very proud of. It touches on all the major elements of their product and its name: the infinity symbol representing the totality of the name, the star pattern on the symbol, inspired by an early handwrap design they showed me, and, of course, boxing gloves to tie it all up.

In my next post, I’ll either talk about the wrap patterns we’re working on, or the website I’m developing for them. Until then, you can see the “under construction” splash page I made for them here.

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