F.T. Underfoot Custom Pet Photography

When attempting to brand a pet photography endeavor, you typically don’t want to dwell on the tragic loss of a pet, but that’s exactly what I did when I put together this logo. It’s a long, sad story that I won’t get into, but the puppy face featured in this logo is serving as my inspiration to make sure pet owners have nice pictures of their animal friends. Simple as that.

This logo started with a photo I took of little Frankie on our driveway when he was only a few months old. In hindsight, his sweet, soulful eyes seem to be warning me that he wasn’t going to be with us long. This image is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. On a technical level, it’s hitting that sweet-spot that photographs hit sometimes when the light is just right and things start getting “painterly.” Couple that with Frankie’s sweet little face coming through the creamy bokeh and it’s a hit. I got a little push-back from my girlfriend when I told her I wanted to use this picture as the center of my logo. She sees sadness in it, which I can understand, but I see a great friend I only got to know for a short time and I want to honor that time in this way.

So far, the logo has been a success among those who have seen it. I think it’s going to evolve a bit as the brand finds its footing over the coming months, but for not it’s exactly where I want it to be.

Check out my pet photography work at ftunderfoot.com.

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