CALI Logo Redesign

California Accent Lighting, Inc. in Anaheim, CA was in need of an update to their logo (among other things…but that’s for another post). I wanted to simplify the logo and distill it down to an elegant wordmark that would represent the quality of the commercial lighting products they manufacture right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. The company’s reputation for quality and customer service has placed them as a very respected manufacturer in their industry, but their current logo wasn’t bring that message to the fore at first glance.

I simplified the color palette with a fresh, airy blue that’s being used throughout and kept the new wordmark in either white or black, with the company name beneath shifting through various shades of gray depending on the situation. My biggest objective with this logo, beyond simplifying and upping the elegance factor, was to develop a logo (for a company with “California” in its name) that did not have a clipart representation of the state of California in it.

Response to the new logo and overall new look of the company have been very positive.