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Lighting for Stares

Lighting for Stares

Yes, I do mean stares. What photographer doesn’t love people staring at his/her work? LOOK AT ME! My brother-in-law and I rented a 4×5 camera over the holiday at the end of last year. Super fun. Still haven’t souped those negs, so that’s for another post. As a bit of a preview, I offer these two images. They represent...

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Tarps: Is there anything they can’t do? Proventil side effects

I’ve got a bid out on a photo gig and it looks like it’s going to happen next month, so I’m in planning mode and I had an epiphany tonight. Here are the details and challenges: I’m going to be on the roof of a three story building, shooting down into a parking lot where about a hundred people...

Proventil side effects
Trashy Beauty Dish Zofran and pregnancy

I shot this image a while ago, but never uploaded it to the blog here to properly discuss. This image was lit with a Sunpak 383 Super, triggered with a Pocket Wizard Plus, fired into a piece of trash I found on our front porch one morning. Whaaa?

Zofran and pregnancy